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Our stint in Time is but a flint.
We glint from new mint to old lint.

- Chito L. Aguilar -

The 4B Stags

Lorna and David [1]Badette [1]Charlie [2]
Chi [3]Tito [3]Dennis L. [3]
Melo [5]Toots [2]Noel [1]
Febs [2]Chito [5]Al [2]
Pitz [1]Bob [3]Boy [1]
Omeng [2]Steve [1]Dennis D. [2]
Sam [1]Mulo [2]Zaldy [2]
Joel [1]Thelma [3]Ida [1]
Fr. Kiko [4]Richard [3]Jay [1]
Malou [1]Emil [1]Marlon [1]
Babet [3]Vir [1]Departed Stags (Ralph, Ric...) [3]
Joker [1]Butchie [2]Eden [2]

Today's Quote:

"Remembering is the future tense of forgetting. Forgetting is the past tense of remembering."

- Chito L. Aguilar -


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Proudly Pinoy!

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Monday, 2023-01-30, 4:13 PM
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This site is dedicated to all 4B STAGS.
 We have common roots. Bicol blood flows in our veins.
The Divinian Spirit is aflame. We share memories.

Retrace our tracks and look forward to the trail ahead.
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The 4B Stags

babet                            Babet is an Accountant at the Legazpi City Accountant's Office.

david                            David is in Canada with Lorna.

chito                             Chito is a Division Chief at DTI - Bicol Regional Office. (http://sites.google.com/a/dti05.org/ok-bikol/)

melo                             Melo is a retired Corporate Engineer from PETRON Corporation.                           

fr. kiko                          Fr. Kiko is a Priest at "Ina ng Laging Saklolo" @ Tagaytay.

   Malou is an Assistant Supervisor at Lepanto Consolidated Mining Co. in Makati City.

omeng                          Omeng works at the Department of Health (DOH) - Bicol Regional Office.

badette                       Badette is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, a Certified Diabetes Educator licensed to practice at Elmhurst Hospital Center, New York.
jay                               Jay works at the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) - Region V, Bicol

pitz                               Pitz is into insurance business in California, USA.  (www.junbernabe.com)

joker                             Joker is a freelance Interior Designer, based in Legazpi City.

richard                         Richard teaches Engineering at the Bicol University, Legazpi City.

dennis d.                      Dennis D. is into book business in New York, USA. (http://www.childlit.com/battledore/)
eden                            Eden died last October 8, 2011 after a 15-year bout with bone cancer (Rest in Peace, Eden).

tito                               Tito is an Architect based in Makati City. (http://www.mohri-aa.co.jp)

al                                Al is an Engineer at the Local Waterworks Utilities Administration (LWUA), Manila.

charlie                         Charlie is into Travel Agency business; shuttles between Manila and Legazpi.

marlon                         Marlon works at the Sorsogon Water District.

ben                             Ben is based now in Naga City.

randy                           Randy is a Regional Director of the Land Transportation Office/ LTFRB in Region 2.

dennis l.                       Dennis L. is into farming business in Davao City.

boy                              Boy is a Professor at the Bicol University Graduate School, Legazpi City.

mulo                            Mulo in now Dean, Faculty of Business and Informatics at Divine Word University, Madang, Papua New Guinea.

ida                               Ida is a Security Officer at the Aviation Security Command (AVSECOM) based at Legazpi Airport.

vir                               Vir is an Engineer at the Aboitiz Company (formerly NAPOCOR), Tiwi, Albay.

zaldy                           Zaldy is a Manager of the National Housing Authority (NHA) in Tacloban, Leyte.

toots                            Toots is a Businessman based in Cebu City. (http://www.jgsi.com.ph)

febs                             Febs operates a barbecue bar in Maoyod, Legazpi City.

bob                             Bob is a freelance Voice Talent; teaches Communication and Presentation Skills at John Robert Powers in Makati.

sam                            Sam is based in Hawaii, USA.

thelma                        Thelma is into cable TV business in Tabaco, Legazpi and Guinobatan.

butchi                         Butchi works at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) - Region V.

ba                              Ba is now based in Australia.

lorna                          Lorna is in Canada with David.

   Noel is a Scientist at Philrice in Nueva Ecija.

chi                             Chi is based in Cambodia

steve                          Steve is in the USA.

emil                            Emil is into construction business based in Legazpi City.

tony                           Tony works in the USA.

 joel                            Joel is a Doctor now into charity work in Albay after an international stint.  


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