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Our stint in Time is but a flint.
We glint from new mint to old lint.

- Chito L. Aguilar -

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"Remembering is the future tense of forgetting. Forgetting is the past tense of remembering."

- Chito L. Aguilar -

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Thank you. Come again.

Monday, 2022-01-24, 11:59 PM
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Stags Reunion 2010
Let's talk about our 36th-year Reunion, December 27-28, 2010.
Forum moderator: chito
1 0 Saturday, 2010-08-14, 0:20 AM
Thread: Stags Reunion 2010
Posted by: chito
Stags Retireville Project
Development of Toot's/Feb's property into a resort/ retireville -
Forum moderator: chito
1 0 Saturday, 2010-08-14, 9:38 PM
Thread: Stags Retireville Project
Posted by: chito
Miscellaneous... anything you have in mind?
Anything goes here!
Forum moderator: chito
1 0 Saturday, 2010-08-14, 10:01 PM
Thread: Miscellaneous... anything yo...
Posted by: chito

Our Legacy
How do we want the Stags to be remembered?
Our Legacy
Forum moderator: chito
1 0 Saturday, 2010-08-14, 10:28 PM
Thread: How do we want the Stags to ...
Posted by: chito

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